Full-Service Interior Design

If you are redesigning your whole home or a few rooms, we’ll take your project from start to finish.

We start with a conversation about what inspires you. We’ll help you articulate how you envision living, and we’ll turn that vision into a finished design to fit your ideal lifestyle.

We work together with you from the early stages of creating a design concept all the way through the settled design and full installation. Let us bring our established network of skilled and reliable contractors to your project.  

This service model is ideal for larger projects like kitchen and bath design, renovation projects, basement development, or new home design. 

Our full-service design gives you two main advantages. First, the most beautiful interiors always proceed from a unified vision. We make sure the diverse elements of your design form a cohesive whole, creating spaces that flow together and are more than the sum of their parts. Second, because every detail is in our hands we can make sure your project sticks to the schedule and stays on-budget.

Edmonton interior designer - Full-Service Interior Design