When I was 10 years old my mother took me to France. I had never encountered such a fascinating new world. Since then I have travelled to 40 countries and met hundreds of people—each one unlike any other. I’ve seen the distinctive spaces in which they live and discovered the beautiful objects they surround themselves with as they explore the adventure of their lives.

Our homes reflect the values we live by. And they each tell a distinctive story.

When I come home to Edmonton, I notice how these experiences have taught me new ways of perceiving the ordinary things in my life, filling them with emotion and new meaning. Home should be the place where you want to be, surrounded by the people and things that you love. It’s my passion to share with you this part of myself by creating places that make your life easier, that evoke special meaning for you and your family as you live your own wonderful stories.

Katie Menon is the CEO and Creative Director of Stephenson Interiors. She is the only Edmonton-based interior designer trained at the prestigious New York School of Interior Design. She works with an international network of suppliers and artisans to bring globally sourced products and trends to complement the work of talented local companies. She designs luxury homes for Edmonton’s most dynamic professionals.

Katie Menon Designer and Founder at Stephenson Interiors